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I've been with Dr. Jiang since February now, about 7 months. I called her out of desperation one day because of my horrible eczema. I started to experience a mild skin rash late 2019 which morphed into a full blown eczema ordeal. From the start, she was extremely friendly and understanding over the phone. I lived in Santa Monica at the time and took the 45 minute drive out to Camarillo immediately. She mentioned that it was her day off but that I should come in, possibly she sensed the desperation in my voice.

I went from 117lbs in mid Dec to 96lbs in Feb around the time I met Dr. E. I was afraid to eat as I felt like everything was causing me to break out. I went through so many different cleanses, elimination diets etc etc and got to a point where I was all bones, unhealthy and not even hungry as my skin was stressing me out. My eczema got so bad that I didn't like wearing clothes as it would sting when rubbing on my skin, I showered every 3 days or so because being under the water would be unpleasant. Needless to say, I was depressed and felt like I had no hope. I decided to start treatment under Dr. E's guidance.

Through her advice with vitamins, supplements and a diet adjustment, I eventually healed. The journey was rough with numerous texts and questions as the condition got worse for a few weeks. My condition got so bad that I got scared and I would just turn to her for advice. I think about 3 months in, I started to notice things were calming down. She gave me a time frame as to how long she thought it would take for me to heal and it was pretty spot on. I went in for my periodic check ups, diet adjustments, supplement adjustments. February - March was very bad, April, I started to see my skin calm down just a tad bit and come May I noticed major improvement. I write this on 8/6 and my skin has completely healed. The discoloration took some time but I'm about almost clear of that as well.

My before and after pics most likely will give you an idea of my progress but more importantly she is amazing to work with and she actually cares.

I'm still with her now to make sure I'm progressing (I've healed from eczema) but am focused on my overall health right now, preventative care.

She is a wealth of knowledge, compassionate and does what a doctor needs to do: heal.

The before pics are pretty much around the time I met her and a few weeks in and the after photo was taken early May or so after much improvement. Right now, my skin is back to normal.

Thank you Dr. E and if you are going through a similar situation, highly recommend her.

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Omg I ran into a GOLDMINE! I have been experiencing horrible infections that keep returning, so I decided to go to a care now for an emergency! There is where I met Dr. Emily Jiang from Sano Health!! She met with me and gave me an alternative supplement that miraculously took care of my issue! Always before, I end up on antibiotics, then on diflucan from the antibiotics!! This time I tried Emily’s route and I didn’t have to take any prescription from the Care Now!!!! She’s personal and genuinely cares for her patients! I will always go there first! If you live anywhere near Camarillo California/Ventura/Calabasas + more, you are in luck!!! I highly recommend her!


Dr. Jiang is a kind, caring and attentive doctor who is a great listener! She is someone who takes the time to look at the overall picture of health to find a solution that works for her patients. She is always learning more to help others and utilizes her knowledge of functional and integrative medicine to restore your health. Highly recommend her!


Dr. Jiang is amazing. She helped me with some stomach issues I've had for years and my quality of life has improved so much since seeing her. She took the time to hear my concerns and I felt like she truly cared about my symptoms. She helped me with a plan that would work with my lifestyle and improve the way I was feeling, which I'm SO thankful for. I am sad that she left Chicago but I can now recommend her to all my California friends, they are lucky to have her.


Dr. Jiang is my new favorite Doctor!  She got to know me so well, each time I visited I felt like a close friend.   She seems to combine fantastic intuition with her extensive medical knowledge and comes up with ways to help that are totally different from other doctors.  We need more Doctors in the world like her--crazy smart, but also holistic and caring.   Strong recommendation from me!



Dr. Jiang is absolutely brilliant at what she does. I had something ailing me and had seen a ton of other doctors, and nothing helped. Dr. Jiang was able to really listen and understand what was going on with me. She has this ability to see the whole picture; how one area of your body may be affecting another area without you knowing it. I love that she uses a holistic approach, rather than simply writing another prescription. She really took the time to figure out the root of the problem, rather than just treating the symptom. I am going to her from now on!


I struggled for 3 years with undiagnosed abdominal pain and fatigue. I have seen 6 doctors and had every test imaginable done with no luck. I have been seeing Dr. Jiang for about 6 months and with a few non-invasive tests and natural supplements I have started to feel better then I have in years, I am truly thankful to be almost completely pain free and filled with hope for the first time ever that I might find a completely resolution in my symptoms. 



Adrenal fatigue, recurrent infections, and lot of other unresolved health issues brought me to search out a functional doctor. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Emily and her team. Dr. Emily has been super encouraging and helpful throughout this journey to health. Dr. Emily takes the time to listen, reaches out to check in, and radiates exceptional expertise and care. I am excited I am making progress in healing and feeling better and am very grateful to Dr. Emily for her help!


Dr. Jiang is a wonderful, kind, and caring doctor. She has helped me with a number of personal issues and truly cares about her patients. Her compassion has been made clear time and time again. She has always been super responsive and attentive which I really appreciate! With Dr. Jiang's wide range of knowledge and ability to help, she has my full recommendation.


Dr. Emily Jiang is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I love that she integrates natural medicine into her treatments. I highly recommend Sano Health. She has helped me with all my medical concerns. No problem is too small for her attention. She makes you feel like you can come to her anytime.


I wish all doctors could have the bedside manners of Dr Jiang. Never have I felt a doctor cared for me and my well-being more than with her!

She took the time to explain in great detail how I can better my quality of life through some small changes. Additionally, she does a great job in explaining why she runs the tests and provides the prescriptions that she does for my benefit. I cannot recommend her services more highly!