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Our Philosophy

At Sano, we believe the foundation of any therapeutic relationship begins with trust and collaboration.  Let us help empower you to make informed decisions that will increase your health-span and longevity.  Our team will help you meet the goals that are most important to you.  Get ready to feel vitalized, energized, pain-free and re-inspired!  

Our integrative and holistic approach is what sets us apart from others.  We trust in the body’s natural ability to heal itself and even flourish if given the correct ingredients in the form of nutrition, self-care, mindset, energetic balance and support.  We will help you restore your body’s equilibrium after a thorough review of your personal timeline taking into account all the various factors that influence your current state of health.  We utilize cutting-edge functional lab testing to uncover areas of imbalance and will customize a personalized plan that will reverse your symptoms.  To guide you in this process, you will work closely with our holistic health coach who will identify and help you overcome the barriers that are standing in your way and help you find ways to implement the behavioral changes you need to be successful.  To restore energetic alignment and regain balance, you also have the opportunity to work with our traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who is highly skilled in acupuncture and herbology.  


We are passionate about what we do and are committed to helping our patients come up with sustainable changes in their habits that will result in life-changing outcomes.  We understand that change can be difficult and believe that our patients are more successful if they have the right team on their side.  When you join Sano, you join our tribe and community.  


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