Are you ready to transform your health?  

We take a holistic approach to hormonal and metabolic optimization. 

We help those who want to reduce their reliance on unnecessary medications and procedures, are willing to make lifestyle changes in order to support optimal health, and are motivated to partner with our team and play an active role in their own healing process. 


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Health Bio

Your timeline is unique to you.

Complete your Sano Health Bio through our online patient portal after scheduling your initial assessment.  Answer questions about your history and current symptoms. This will give us a complete picture of who you are before your first visit and the components that make you unique.


Family History

How generations of genetics influence your health.

Medical History

Your personal timeline from birth to today, and any major events along the way.

Lifestyle Habits

What are your routines surrounding diet, sleep, exercise, relationships, and stress?

Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to commit to this journey, partner with us and begin your transformation?


Functional Medicine works.

Why, despite all the advancements in medicine, technology, and pharmacology, are people getting sicker, and at an earlier age?

Each individual is unique and the expression of their health is not only determined by their genetics but also by an array of environmental exposures including diet, stress, toxins, habitual behavior and self perception. 


Functional medicine recognizes the complexity of the human body. It is a systems-based approach that will identify the various imbalances that are contributing to disease.  It uses data from specialized lab testing to uncover the source of the problem with the goal of reverse engineering it.  Functional medicine builds from the foundation up. 


At Sano, we design personalized holistic treatment plans that will restore overall balance within the body. The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself once it is provided with the correct inputs in the form of proper nutrition, lifestyle support, coaching and community.


Specialized Testing & Diagnostics

At Sano, we believe that precision matters.

Precision medicine is data married to the personalization of medicine.  We partner with cutting-edge lab companies and utilize comprehensive blood, serum, saliva and stool testing to uncover the root causes of your symptoms.  Our approach includes not just genomics but biomarkers and advanced diagnostics that take us below the surface so we look at the cellular expression of disease well before it emerges.


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