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About Dr. Emily

Dr. Emily Jiang is the Founder and Medical Director of Sano Health.  Sano Health is her vision for what health care should be - a collaborative multidisciplinary approach utilizing the best of ancient wisdom, modern technology and research and merging it together to treat the entire person.  Dr. Emily is a board-certified family physician who received her medical degree from Saint Louis University School of Medicine.  She decided to become a Family Physician because she wanted to treat the whole person and believes in the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit.  This is something she learned at a young age when she witnessed how her own father remarkably healed from a triple bypass surgery and diabetes through radically changing his lifestyle habits and by practicing Qi Gong every day.  


Dr. Emily completed her Family Medicine Residency training in Chicago at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center with a focus in women’s health and volunteered at the Chicago Women’s Health Center.  Service to others and giving back to the community has always been important to her.  After residency she worked at the Cook County Jail in Chicago, one of the largest correctional systems in the country, where she was the medical director of transgender care and worked in the Medical Special Care Unit where the sickest inmates in the jail lived.  While working at the jail, she saw first-hand how a stressful environment and poor diet had profound negative health consequences on the inmates she was treating.  Although she taught many of her patients mindfulness and relaxation techniques, they continued to get sicker despite the fact she was delivering the best care that she could because they had no control over their environment.  

This was a big turning point for her in her career.  She decided that she wanted to shift her focus to a more proactive and preventative approach to health and wellness and found that her true passion lies in unlocking the mystery of disease by digging deeper to determine the root cause.  She discovered functional and integrative medicine and is excited to be a part of the solution to our healthcare system.  She has completed advanced training with the Institute of Functional Medicine who are global leaders in the field.  She has also worked as a functional medicine doctor at the Central Coast Center for Integrative Health in Ventura. 

Dr. Emily has also received advanced training in regenerative and anti-aging medicine with A4M.  She is an advocate of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and peptide therapy.


She is an avid traveler, a maker and a Vipassana meditator who loves gardening, simplified fusion cooking, snuggling up with her two dogs and pumping iron at the gym.  

Interests: women's health, balancing hormones, metabolic health, thyroid disorders, gut health, the symbiosis of microbes and humans ;-) epigenetics and nutrigenomics, bio-hacking to achieve longevity and increased health-span, optimizing cognitive function, ayurveda  


Dr. Emily Jiang

"My true passion is to unlock the mystery of disease by digging deeper to determine the root cause."


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